Andy Shulman
Owner and President, Standard Press
Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity

“Burt Temples has and continues to be an integral part of our MIS effort. Burt not only get s the job done, he does so in a manner that is sincere about helping our company. The projects we have brought him on to help Standard Press have been executed to perfection and within budget. I highly recommend the services of Burt Temples.”

Bill Woods
CEO , The EPI Companies

“Burt is an expert at process, quality and management information systems. He is skilled in implementation and training - as well as creating the tools for extracting and analyzing data from information systems.”

Bill Blair
Division Manager, Athens Paper Company

Burt lead the implementation of SixSigma and Lean Manufacturing systems at The EPI Companies with great success. He worked well with senior executives and manufacturing team members alike. In short, Burt gets results!”

Scott Kwiatkowski

Account Manager, Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Burt was EPI’s implementation specialist when they integrated SmartLinc into their Hagen OA and ProMail information systems. Because the system was to operate across platforms, the installation contained many unique challenges. Burt work closely with our development staff and was able to overcome the obstacles in both Hagen and ProMail to achieve a complete integration of the systems. His knowledge of the Hagen OA system proved to be a valuable asset to getting the systems operational. In addition, Burt produced a comprehensive user’s manual for the Hagen OA / SmartLinc integration. The manual provided to be so complete that we have sent it to several of our customers to assist them in their day to day operations. I would highly recommend Burt’s work as an implementation specialist. His knowledge of information systems and how they are suppose to work without any excess effort makes him a valuable asset to any project.”

Jerry McNeely
Implementation Specialist, Avanti Systems

“I have had the pleasure of working with Burt for many years. He and I worked together in a Continuous Improvement effort at Cenveo and then he joined my team in an ERP implementation of over 20 plants. Burt has an extensive knowledge of Statistical Process Control and Quality Improvement methodology. His many years as a pressman allows him to relate well and get across complex ideas to the people most capable of improving processes. His skill as a trainer was a valuable asset to our team and an integral part of our success at Cenveo. Burt understands the power of analytical data and the common sense knowledge of how to positively make change to the process. I consider him a friend and a mentor and would highly recommend him.”

Sue Peters
Production Systems Analyst, Cenveo

“Burt and I have worked together at several companies over the last 20 years. The most recent was on an IT implementation team implementing the Hagen ERP system in 22 commercial print faculties. Burt will take on any responsibility and work tirelessly to achieve his goal. He is detail oriented and goes beyond the expectations. Burt is definitely an asset to any company.”

Frank Martell, III
Sr. Consultant, Epicor Software Corp

“Burt and I have worked together on various projects over the last several years. His knowledge of the printing process and workflows has been a tremendous help. Coupled with his background in IT and Crystal Reports, he has the ability provided solid support to any ERP implementation. His attention to details and his goals for success are unmatched, Burt’s knowledge, skills and training are a benefit to any company he is associated with.”

Kerry Wiemokly
Director of Graphic Technology, Cenveo

“Burt is an excellent communicator. Great ability to transcend information to all levels of management. Burt routinely kept multiple projects in control and his deliverables on time. He was often selected for special projects and worked well in a team environment. With his guidance, manufacturing facilities recognized savings that had a positive impact to their bottom-line.”

Barclay (David) Fox

Production Manager, Grizzard Communications Group

“Burt was project lead on many things at EPI, mainly our quality assurance implementations. I haven't ever had the privilege of working with a more thorough and knowledgeable individual. Burt comes from a rich printing industry background and is an asset to any organization by virtue of the breadth of experience he brings with him.”


John Morog
Account Executive, RR Donnelley / Omaha Print / EPI Companies

“During the time I worked with Burt, he always took the problems head on and had a solution by the time we needed it. Detailed, solution oriented and friendly towards his co-workers is what I like about working with Mr. Temples...an asset to any company.”


Scott Karol

VP of Counseling and Evaluation, Clarifi

“Burt's remarkable diligence in building accurate data collection and reporting for individual sites was only outdone by his willingness to commit additional hours to complete projects on schedule. Without his "whatever it takes" attitude, the project team would never have received high approval ratings from local staff and managers.”

Rich Uchytil
IT Business Intelligence Analyst/Programmer, Hampton Affiliates

“Burt was very helpful to me in rolling out the software to the various sites. He knew how the sites worked, how the software should work, would work with the users to help them understand, and help me understand what they needed. He also learned and knew the software very well. The project was very large and ambitious for the company, and would not have been successful without Burt.”