Information in a Quality Environment

There is a conversation occurring in your company and it happens in your Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). What is being said? Who is saying it? Do they all speak the same language? Does it make sense? Is anyone listening?

In the past, companies were information rich but data poor. Today it is just the opposite. Companies are overwhelmed by data but do not know how to inexpensively get what they need and effectively use it in their day to day business. Organizations are finding that their information system can be their biggest blessing or their greatest nightmare. 

Today’s printing environment requires companies to be cost effective in all areas of their operation. Innovative and growing organizations need to get information into the hands of the people who can use it quickly and in a form that makes sense to them. However, companies do not have the resources to devote the time and effort required to develop a data plan, necessary procedures to ensure the data is accurate, train their employees and then deploy solutions. The result is a data set that no one trust or uses.

Quality/Information Services and Systems (QISS) approach is to find the most effective methods to use the software to your customer’s and your business’s advantage. Using proven data plans and techniques, QISS can help an organization with its information and quality needs at an affordable investment.